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Debut EP: The Petals and Sand

Debut EP:

The Petals and Sand


The Petals and Sand

The EP is honest, sad and dark. There were no rules or preconceived goals. “It is what it is. It never tried to be anything except for what it has become – which is a circus of my insides! These songs grew up with me, and changed as I changed, for better or worse.” – C. Malrowe


As for the subject matter:

“What binds us to our grief…”

The EP starts with a haunting track, In Rome, directly referencing the artist Rome, followed by the single, Dear Host. These two songs are grouped, being upbeat, and dealing with complexities around love lost. The EP is then split in half by Interlude. The songs to follow, Missing Circus Freak and The Spin Astride, would embody a different mood – dealing with the complexities of life lost.

She started creating, composing, building and recording all her demos for the EP at her own home studio. Later she worked with producer Barry Berk at The Bass Station in Johannesburg, South Africa. Together they enhanced the demos to via adding, subtracting and manipulating tracks. Barry recorded and mixed the EP and his creative contribution to the sonic quality is exponential. Waldo Luc Alexander is responsible for the violin and violas on the EP lifting the mood to a whole new level of intensity. Her dear friend, producer Matthew Fink, having been involved on the sidelines since the very start, advising Malrowe through her creative process, took the last step in mastering the final product.

Debut EP: The Petals and Sand

To the listener

The EP was titled Missing Circus Freak originally. An unexpected process of healing made Malrowe change the title to The Petals and Sand, because, she says,

“The way I love someone actually has very little to do with that person, and everything to do with me. This realization gave me freedom. The story was once about him, now it’s about me, and it’s my gift to you. I hope there is a listener that can relate to my experience, to how multiple feelings can co-exist in us, isolating us. I get it, you’re not alone.”

The Petals and Sand will be released in Aug ‘23, on all streaming services, distributed by The Good Time Co.